About Us

PressBuzzer is hyper-focused on delivering content from various topics, right from Entertainment to Arts, Technology to Lifestyle and content that connects audiences with intruiging stories that inspires.

We take great pride on our research, we constantly scan Internet for fascinating stories, Interesting facts and topics on varied subjects that is not only interesting but also fun and engaging.

In PressBuzzer you can expect posts from a variety of interesting topics, Including Technology, Lifestyle, Entertainment, Art, and Buzzing Stories around the web.

PressBuzzer is run by founder Ameet Sarkar, who is also our Publisher & Editor-in-Chief.

Our Vision

Our vision is research and post contents that are not only intriguing but also that inspires. We have a wide variety of content that spans across many verticals including topics from Entertainment industry, technology, and inspiring stories around the web.

Along with the blessed team and the type of topics that we cover, we are confident on our goals and vision.

What makes us unique is our storytelling abilities. We constantly strive hard to put stories and articles in such a way that it is not only fun to read but also shareable and likable.

Our vision is to create shareable and likable content which is also the backbone of our success.


While it’s not easy to put anything and everything in one single page, should you require to reach us for any additional details – drop an email to us at: queries(at)pressbuzzer.com