An Aircraft flies with one wing

We all know about the aircraft and how it works. A normal conventional aircraft works with 2 wings and thruster to lift itself. Manufacturing aircraft has shown how modern we are and how the world is improvising on every invention.

Military aircraft are being used for self-defense, i.e. to defend our country from foe.

Jet Aircraft plays an important role in every mission, it gives us a lot of information which is not possible for any human being to gain without entering into an enemy’s territory.

Here is the quick video of an advanced aircraft tested in a tutorial exercise.

In this video, we see how these advanced and robust aircraft flies.

This aircraft was named “Eagle” which is an F15 fighter plane used by the Military Airforce. This F15 aircraft has broken multiple records which were made by ‘MIG 25’.

This F15 plane was designed to beat the unbeatable fighter plane called MIG 25 in those days. The performance level of this aircraft is no match to any other aircraft in the world. It is very light, robust, and can take serious damages.

Israeli’s were the first country to test these aircraft in May 1983. These machines were tested in the skies of Nahal Tzin in the Negev desert which is located in Israel. During the mock combat between the two Israeli air force F15 and A-4Ns, one of the F15’s new pilot named ‘Zivi Nedivi’ collided midair with one of the Skyhawk.

As explained and written by John Easley, this new pilot was completely unaware of the damage that was caused by colliding.

In fact, he felt a jolt and huge commotion on his wing side. His aircraft was spinning rapidly and moving downwards to the ground, he informed his navigator that he will eject. But he was confident that he, would land the aircraft to the nearest airfield.

As in the moment of spinning, he made a quick decision to control the aircraft by using its afterburner, slowly and steadily the plane was in control and was moving ahead without stalling.

When the plane was in control he spoke to one of his wingmen to inspect the damage. He was informed that a huge amount of fuel was leaking from the wing side. ‘Zivi’ the pilot of F15 couldn’t see the damage and it had blinded, because of the fuel leaking and commotion on that side. He was 10 miles away from the nearest airfield.

So he somehow managed to carry the whole aircraft in control and landed on the ground with a speed of 250-260 knots which is not the actual speed to land as the threshold of F15 to land is 130 knots.

Landing at that speed could have been fatal and caused it to crash, but it didn’t. The pilot then put down the tale hook which took all the pressure that was lying on the ground to stop the aircraft. After the aircraft was landed pilot came out of his cockpit and went to inspect the damage, he was shocked to see that he had flown a plane with just one wing. This epic moment of flying and landing with one wing safely made it to history.

According to the pilot ‘Zivi Nedivi’ says no other aircraft could have the capability to survive that damage if the most crucial part is removed from the body of the aircraft.

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Aircraft Flies with One wing
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