An insect with a deadly bomb inside

Insects are one of a special species that add to our animal kingdom. There are a million types of insect species found around the world. Most of them are similar to bugs groups like beetles, flies, butterflies, dragonflies, etc. But the most renowned insect is the ‘Bombardier Beetle’.

The name itself is so renowned that it doesn’t need any explanation. This predator got the name of ‘Bombardier Beetle’ because when disturbed or threatened it squirts hot acid chemical.

This is the only unique creature in the animal kingdom that squirts hot acid on to its prey. These acids (chemicals) are very dangerous, harmful, and can even hurt a human. This is the type of defense mechanism it possesses. This chemical is so powerful that it can kill any insect and can escape any small animal with this weapon.

This chemical reaction is caused by the chain reaction of hydroquinone and hydrogen peroxide which are kept in its abdomen.

When these (acid) chemical reaches the chambers a catalyst acts an addition to the reaction which facilitates bombardier beetle to squirt directly on to its prey. The chemical reaction of these acids reaches the boiling point of the water resulting in producing hot gases that drive the ejection on to its prey.

 The damage caused by these chemical acids can be very dangerous and is easily capable of taking the predator’s life away when it is hunted or threatened. There are many types of bombardier beetles and each of these has a different defense mechanism of squirting acids and hunting strategies.

These beetles can be found on any continent except in cold regions like Antarctica. They mostly prefer to live in a green and woody forest areas posing a favorable environment to lay and nesting eggs. These deadly beetle hunts at night and is typically carnivorous. When this beetle is threatened it opens the tip of the abdomen called valve and squirts the acid directly on to its prey. The African bombardier beetle glands can turn 270 degrees facing towards its predator or anything that threatened in order to squirt directly to it.

 We are being blessed to witness such amazing creatures in our animal kingdom incubating a deadly bomb inside them.

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