An optical fading Illusion OR Magic?

Perhaps, A strange science magic trick with a human brain that might change the visual perception of people around. An image from the internet which went viral is known to have some effect on our brain which affects our optical vision, this optical illusion is called the ‘Troxler effect’.  

An optical illusion which is known as the ‘Troxler effect’ was named after a Swiss physician and philosopher “Ignaz Paul vital Troxler” practicing in Vienna. In 1804 he made a discovery that if any individual concentrates and looks steadily on an object the visual field can cause the steady image at the background slowly disappear or fade where the nature of the same object’s background is still present. This is phenomenon is known as “Filling in”. The term “filling in” has some uses in vision science, when we see or experience anything that is not directly passed from out sensory input (eyes). Although there are many versions and types of optical illusion around us for centuries. This recent sharing of images went viral from a people interest community.

Troxler image
Credit: Wikimedia

The effect of this can be explained in a simpler manner, like if a person wears socks initially he is quite aware of it, but later when the time passes and stop noticing them. Our brain forgets about it. Similarly, in this ‘Troxler’ image, if it is looked upon steadily our brain forgets and filters out the image by fading the background color or objects.

This image with a steady dot in the middle makes our brain and eyes to adjust all the time because our brain doesn’t realize that our eyes are making microscopic movement all times.

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