Discovery of 500,000 year’s old ancient Spark Plug?

A Spark Plug, an Ancient Artifact which was discovered and named as ‘Coso Artifact’ on February 13, 1961, by Wallace Lane, Virginia Maxey, and Mike Mikesell while they were inspecting all the volcanic rocks and fragments which contained gems beside the town of Olancho, California.

This Peculiar ancient artifact was recognized as 1920’s era ‘Champion Spark Plug’. This would represent an ancient anomaly. According to the historian, an early Spark Plug was invented on February 02, 1839, by “Edmund Berger” but failed to patent his invention.

Spark plugs are used in a vehicle that runs on fuel. It is also known that Spark Plug is used to burn fuel internally of a combustion engine. In the early days of 1839, these Spark Plugs were used in a combustion engine where they were in the stage of the experiment. Though it didn’t turn out to be successful, a Belgian Engineer who developed first-ever successful combustion engine in 1858 which used spark plug ignition technology, his invention was also patented #345596 in the US.

Likewise, we all know about the spark plug, its uses, and when it was invented. But an ancient ‘Coso Artifact’ which was discovered in 1961 was inside the rock or hardened clay, according to the researcher that object dated back 500,000 years old.

A trained Geologist had dated the artifact 500,000 years old, but the recognition of the geologist and the artifact was not clarified.  There were no method or any machine which could possibly test the date of the artifact. But the concretion of the object took place for a very long time, some of the examples of accretion surrounding iron or steel were discussed by the Archaeologist.

According to history, an early modern human race-fossil (middle Paleolithic) had existed 200,000 years old, researchers are stunned with the date of the spark plug which was 500,000 years old. An object which was invented before the modern and advanced civilization could have inhabited Earth. It was a strange-looking rock until they made the discovery by cutting it halfway through a diamond saw and then compare to a spark plug. According to ‘Heinrich’ and ‘Pierre Stromberg,’ this Spark Plug was invented in 1920 and was enclosed in quick forming concretion (rock/hard clay).

The Geologist who dated the artifact was never identified, causing other to question about its existence of the object in that period, researchers say the object might have enclosed in hard clay or rock and the process of concretion took over a decade to form. Using X-rays of the object ‘Heinrich’ and ‘Pierre Stromberg’ with the help of Spark Plug Collectors of America (SPCA) ’Windham’ stated that object was invented in the 1920 era. Known as ‘Champion Spark Plug’. As ‘Windham’ stated the spark plugs in early 1920 were made out of ‘Brass hat’, which was not included in the later design, So there are some slight differences in the appearance of this spark plug.

‘Windham’ also stated the picture of the spark plug was an artist error as the ‘Champion spark plug’ had two ribs and in the picture, it showed only one rib on the upper end of the porcelain.

Here’s a quick video about the ancient spark plug:

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