Angry Bird – Easy DIY Origami Craft Tutorial

The hand-made craft can not only be beautiful but also fun and entertaining, especially this handmade angry bird character, it is ideal for small children.

The movie “Angry bird” was released for children and attracted a lot of attention as it was an animated cartoon film.

Many toymaker companies started to produce such toys for children inspired by the movie characters like the “Red” who is in red color, “Chuck” who is in yellow color, and “Bomb” who is in black color, etc.

But these toys are quite expensive and tend to break if roughly used. Children often tend to break all the stuff while playing, so it is actually a wise idea to come up with craftwork that can make all characters from that movie at home with some basic craft skills.

These characters can be made through craft paper and other very basic materials.

Children playing with these crafted toys will find it interesting to make as well as to play. These craft ideas are simple and will keep your kids engaged for hours.

It is also very cost-efficient and can be made numerous times if destroyed, Moreover, we can also color them and make all the adorable characters from that movie just as you want them to appear.

To make this amazing piece of craft you will need a few materials.

Material required:

  • Craft Papers
  • Circular Portractor
  • Scissor
  • Glue
  • Pencil and Marker

How to make Angry Birds Craft?

Follow this Step by step video guide to make your own angry bird at home.

This video tutorial is just a template, you can use add your variations to make it look even better.

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