Another Suicide attempt by Actress (Video goes viral)

Vijyalakshmi a Tollywood actress who was rumored to be in a relationship with Seeman for past two years, was also about to get married apparently.

But it seems the politician cheated on her.

She has shared several pics of her with Seeman to prove her relationship.

Seeman started a political party and everything got changed since then. Seeman and his partymen started harassing her, which continued for past two years.

A video on the social media related to this issue went viral too, where Vijaya’s sister was threatened to death if she dared to complain or speaks anything against. News also circulated that her sister had to withdraw the complain against them.

Credit: News9 Youtube

Actress Vijayalakshmi attempted suicide on sunday but luckily she survived.

This actress was bullied and harassed by the followers of Naam Thamizhar party leader “Seeman” and “Panangattu Padai’s Hari nadar”. She recenlty made a news on social media by speaking against them.
This video uploaded by her on social media went viral in which she stated “This is my last video as I’am being harassed and tortured from last four months because of Seeman and his partymen”.

She also said she tried all the possible way to survive with her family but the harassment has crossed the boundaries and limits. She also accused Hari nadar of abusing her.

Harrasment may have taken a toll on her, which is why she decided to end life.

She also said added to her statement that she is from Pillai Community and born in “Karanataka”, she belongs to the same community LTTE leader Prabhakaran is part of.

In social media she said “Seeman” has tortured me a lot. As woman she cannot handle such pressure anymore, so she informs her fans to to watch the video.

Seeman and his partymens tortured her continuosly on social media also, she also stated they should not get bail and losing her life because of this, it should be an eye opener to everyone. “I don’t want to be a slave of anybody” – Vijaylakshmi said in her statement.

After the video was posted which went viral, her sister “Usha” rushed into her appartment along with the actress “Gayatri Raghuram”, they admitted “Vijyalakshmi” to a private hospital “Adyar”.

According to the actress “Gayatri Raghuram” Vijyalakshmi’s condition is now stable.

All the opportunities for Vijyalakshmi from the film industry have been blocked by Seeman and partymen . Due to this she had moved in Banglore to live a peaceful life, but the harassment did not stop there it continued there as well, due to which she moved back to Chennai on March 8, 2020.

Again she logged a complain against them, untill now no actions have been taken.


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