Ant Death spiral – A Weird way to die

The ant death spiral is a strange phenomenon that takes place only amongst Amry Ant. This is unlike any other species in the animal kingdom.

Army Ant does not nest in one place, instead they keep on migrating from one place to another. There are over 200 varieties of army ants.

Death spirals are seen only in army ants when the whole army loses its path or gets misdirected. This type of death spiral and behavior was first observed in 1910 by scientist “WM Wheeler” while experimenting on army ants in his laboratory.

These one of a kind army ants were blind and wasting their energy circling around until they drop all dead of exhaustion, this type of incident is also called as ‘Ant Mill’.

Here is a quick video of Ant Mill in action.

Another similar event took place in 1921, witnessed and described by Beebe in Guyana. The death spiral measured 1200 ft. in circumference and continued for more than 2 hours, later the cycle was broken by a worker and the ants marched into the forest. This is nature’s creepiest moment which was never been observed by scientists in their life until this.

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