Did you know Batman existed in the Ancient era?

“Batman” a fictional superhero had first appeared in 1939 in an American comic book. This superhero comic book was published by DC Comics.

Batman is a DC character and was created by an artist name “Bob Kane” and writer ‘Bill Finger’. In this comic book, the main role-play of this fictional superhero was acting as a special, secret, undercover detective.

The major role of this character was to save people’s lives from all the crimes happening in the city.

Batman had no supernatural powers like superman and other fictional characters, in fact, he was a superhero under a black stealth suit having all the weird gadgets designed by himself. He is said to be the savior of the Gotham city, a place from where this character (superhero) is originated.

Is it wise to say that batman had appeared in the ancient era? Kimbal a Mexican artist who created a masterpiece out of his art, and created an ancient ‘Batman’ looking sculpture. The only thing that differs was the color of the suit which was not black. This painting by Kimbal was named after ancient bat god ‘Camazotz’.

The name ‘Camazotz’ was derived from the Mayan bat ‘god’, which is associated with the dark and underworld. Although if this strange armored batman happens to have existed in that era, it questions us that how an ancient era joker would appear like? This armored suit was said to be the perfect suit to fight crimes. This sculpture was sponsored by Warner Bros Entertainment organized by the Mexican museum of design.

While Mayans worshiped ancient bat god, modern day batman may or may not relate to that. This only shows the similarity.

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