Biker Arrested for “Reckless Riding” – Viral Video

Bengaluru a city of rapid development and increasing population.

Bengaluru takes the top spot in the traffic jams as an average person on a vehicle spends 71% of extra travel time stuck in traffic.

Have you ever heard of a sonic boom on commercial roads? the last time it was heard when the fighter jets were performing their test flights, which was legit and authorized by the government.

But here is a video that went viral and boomed on the social media of a biker in Bengaluru riding his sports bike “Yamaha R1” on a highway breaking all the speed of commercial vehicle’s speed limits.

It may not be a sonic boom but the speed at which he was riding is certainly dangerous and scary.

Riding a bike on road is legal, but breaking all the rules and regulation might get into big trouble, here we can see a straight case of reckless driving which cost his bike to be seized by the cops.

The fantasy of riding a bike in an open road in the city landed him to ‘Jail’. Motorcycle running at speed of 300 kmph is very dangerous on city road(Flyover). Although the road was empty due to the lockdown, commercial roads aren’t’ ready to ride at high speed like the race tracks,

it doesn’t have the smooth curves and quality of tar. So riding a bike at that speed could have also lead to his death and can also cause catastrophic damage to others had it crashed.

Luckily there was no crash or casualties reported. This bike rider recorded a 1.50 minutes video where he reached 300 kmph mark on his speedometer and posted on social media.

The arrest was made due to the lockdown procedure not being followed and also because of speed that was of the records which broke all the limits.

It would have been a horrible nightmare had he lost his balance.

As soon as the video went viral and everything got triggered (CCB) central crime branch in no time logged a case against the rider and taken necessary action against him by following standard protocols.

According to the cops, this video was uploaded on July 5′ 2020 which has been viewed by more than 9000 people, later this Accused was identified by Banglore cops as “Munniyaapaa” a 29-year-old man who had committed a crime.

Banglore a city infamous for traffic and the roads are not a perfect place to ride the bike at that speed.

The CCB(Central crime branch) handed over this case to Banglore city police department.

Speaking about the viral video posted on twitter “Sandeep Patil”-Joint Commissioner of Police (Crime) said this person riding at a raging speed was extremely dangerous, risking not only his life but also putting other motorists life in jeopardy on that highway.

Motorists should follow the traffic rules and regulations.

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