Can Earthquake of magnitude 12 rip earth into Two Pieces?

Is it really possible that an earthquake of 12 magnitude can rip our earth apart in two pieces?

Earthquake is basically a seismic event that is caused due to natural occurrence or by human (by doing some sort of explosion). It is a sudden movement of huge land mass and tectonic plates which results in shaking the ground for short period of time.

This sends out energy to the earth’s tectonic plates which results in shaking things above the surface. Earthquake generally takes place when two huge land mass of rock rub against each other releasing out seismic energy which shakes the ground for a while.

The effects of an earthquake are devastating and destroys everything. This includes the environmental effects such as uplifting the land mass, tsunamis, landslides and many more.

 Some researchers and studies say the main causes of an Earthquake is volcanic eruption. Some geologist say this occurs due to the movement of the tectonic plates and geological faults which is also known as displacement of plates from their original position.

In the year 1960(19th century) on May 22, our earth had experience massive devastating earthquake ever recorded in the history of mankind which was around 9.4 – 9.6 magnitude. It had occurred in Spain, a place called ‘Valdivia’. According to some researchers, the magnitude of 9.5 was so strong that it had carried the motion of shaking the ground for an hour, which resulted in ‘Tsunami’. It still holds the record for the highest magnitude of an earthquake hitting the earth till now.

The second highest magnitude of an earthquake that hit the earth was on 28th March 1964 in ‘Alaska’ just after 4 years from the 1st one which was in Spain.

One of the most active and seismic zones for an earthquake to hit on earth is ‘Indonesia’. It has more earthquakes recorded as compared to ’Japan’ or other earthquake-prone countries. Japan is the most renowned country on earth for an earthquake to hit. Places like ‘Tonga, Fiji, etc..

Another massive Tsunami occurred on July 09 1958 in southern Alaska due to a dynamic earthquake, which resulted in the falling of large landmass (rock). The height of Mega Tsunami rose 1720 feet (516meters) this extreme rise in height of the waves was generated after the sudden fall of rock.

Until now there is no earthquake recorded that is more than 9.6 magnitude (which earlier took place in the 19th century). So far we know that, if we are hit with an earthquake with 9.6 magnitudes, our earth can withstand it but to be honest, surviving an earthquake that is of 12 magnitudes, looks impossible.

It may or may not rip apart the earth. The right question to ask should be will the human race survive after that?

Some researchers say an Earthquake of 12 magnitudes might rip apart our earth in two pieces, which some agrees and some don’t.

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Earthquake of 12 magnitude
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