Thanos VS Hulk – Can Thanos beat Hulk?

A movie scene of ‘Avengers Infinity War’ 2018 where it showed Hulk smashing Thanos for few seconds, but Thanos was abe to withstand hulks hits & all strikes.

Going back in the past of Thanos, if we see Thanos has a reputation of playing a villain role, all he likes is to invade & destroy the planets and their superior heroes and become powerful.

His dream is to gain more power and become invincible. He has the power and space stones which already made him the strongest creature in the whole universe. He looked upon the earth and found multiple heroes on planet earth, wherein he tried to take down one after the other but was unsuccessful as there were too many heroes, another big reason for not being able to conquer the earth is the precious stones which were incomplete on his hand.

Thanos vs hulk
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When the moment he got the last stone from doctor strange he immediately went back in time with a single finger slap. So now it is quite obvious and known that Thanos is unbeatable because of the stones.

Wherein, if we go in the past of how Hulk came into existence, he was just a human with normal strength and appearance. It all happened on the day when ‘Bruce Banner’ experimenting using gamma radiation went wrong in his laboratory, unanimously one of his staff appeared in the experimenting laboratory room while saving him Bruce Banner was exposed to all gamma radiation, which physically transformed him into a muscular green giant monster later named ‘Hulk’.

When emotionally stressed out or against his will Bruce turns out to be a green giant monster.

So as we know, about the past and abilities of each other, it is well said that Thanos can beat & crush Hulk, his hits don’t affect and don’t give a scratch to Thanos, Hulk would have been much more capable & effective if Thanos would fight without the stones. Hulk’s level of strength completely depends on the level of anger.

Loki at that moment could have helped hulk in smashing Thanos by using magical power when he bows down in front of Thanos when he calls out Hulk to smash Thanos but it turns out to be opposite instead hulk gets smashed and beaten up. So it is quite clear and likely to say that Thanos can beat Hulk.

Thor was no help against Thanos because he (Thanos) was invincible with those power in his hand.

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