Creepy mites that live on our face

creepy mites that live on your face - demodex

“Demodex folliculorum” mite is an eight-legged arachnid -ectoparasite, these mites are very small and are not visible with the naked eye. A magnification of 10x is required to see these mites. …

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Luminosity beyond Imagination


“Quasar” the brightest object in the known universe so far. While space exploration scientist and all researchers had come across the most luminous nucleus emitting brightest light in the universe. …

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Candle clock from Medieval age

medieval candle clock

Has anyone ever wondered how people in ancient times would keep a track of time, When there was no clock back in those days? In medieval, age people used to …

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Amazing Rare Solar powered Sea Slug

rare sea slug

Plantae kingdom is full of plants (a living organism) that live and harness energy from the light of the sun. These groups include similar and familiar organisms like trees, herbs, …

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