18 Bollywood Celebrities who Died too Soon

1. Rasika Joshi (12th September 1972- 7th July 2011)

Rasika Joshi from movie Dhol

An actress who always appeared in Priya-darshan Movies like Bhool Bhulayiya, Vastu Shastra, Billu, and many more movies like Malamaal Weekly.

She was a good and versatile actress. She left us and Bollywood on July 7′ 2011 at the age of 38. She was suffering from a disease called “Leukaemia”.

Rasika Joshi and appeared in many Marathi movies as well. She started her career by acting in theatre and later moving into the film industry. She was not Recognised by her name but her face makes us remember about the movies she appeared in.


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