18 Bollywood Celebrities who Died too Soon

13. Wajid Khan

Credit: Image shared by Wajid on Twitter

A Music Director (1998-2020) who used to make our Hindi cinema experience more lively by putting some of his efforts in the movie-songs which were great. He was not an actor but a celebrity in the Bollywood industry. Has composed a lot of music and songs in the movies. He was mainly the part of the duo brothers who take the music, the song sounds to the next level, which keeps us more engrossed in the movie.

But a horrible turn of event happened which blow up the industry with the shocking news of the demise of “Wajid Khan”. Sudden death caused a lot of rumors on his death in public, some said he died because of COVID-19 or kidney failure, but his family issued a statement of his death to clarify all the fake rumors around.

His death was natural due to Cardiac Arrest.


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