18 Bollywood Celebrities who Died too Soon

14. Vivek Shauq

Credit: Bollywood Hungama

An actor with multi-skills and talent. He was a singer, comedian, and writer. Vivek has appeared in many films, television, serials, theatre. and commercials. Due to his niche talent, he managed to work in over 50 films.

He was quite worried about his life, as gaining weight and being overweight took a toll on his life.

Vivek also went for liposuction surgery.

According to his medical history, he underwent a major angioplasty surgery where 3 stents were implanted in his heart. Due to his irresponsibility of the proper medication, liposuction, and heart conditions, things went horribly wrong at the later stages.

Cause for his death is Cardiac Arrest.


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