18 Bollywood Celebrities who Died too Soon

17. Sushant Singh Raput

Credit: Bollywood Hungama

Sushant Singh Rajput an engineering student who took his career to next level by making a name in Bollywood. He was an engineer cum actor.

He had ranked 7 in the entrance exam of Delhi Engineering college. He was the luckiest person to get a scholarship from Stanford University.

But he left all this behind and went to pursue his career in Bollywood. A dream which he actually never thought about but came true. He is the only actor in Bollywood to own a piece of land on the moon. This place is the far side of the moon called Mare Muscoviense or the ‘Sea of Muscovy. ‘ and had bought this property from the international Lunar Land Registry.

He initially started off his career Television serials like “Kis Desh Me Hai Mera Dil” and “Pavitra Rishta”. His hard work in these serials gave him a lot of praise. His career then took a twisted turn and moved towards making movies. Looking at his performance directors’ too give him a chance in a movie called “Kai Po Che” which was his debut. He was great in acting and that movie was a hit, he also won a lot of awards.

A recent video of Sushant Singh was viral about his ability to write using both the hands at the same time. these kinds of abilities can be seen in very few people around the world. There is no doubt that he was a human with multiple gifts gifted by god.

But it was all over we won’t be seeing him again, may his soul rest in peace. A suicide that caused him to take a leave from the Bollywood industry forever. His case is still under investigation as the reason for his death is not clarified. The main cause of suicide is still puzzled which will be solved by the investigators one day.


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