18 Bollywood Celebrities who Died too Soon

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9. Jatin Kanakia(28th June 1953 – 18th July 1999)

Jatin Kanakia from Shriman & Shrimatiji

A popular and iconic comedian mostly known for his role in the Indian television series(Shrimaan Shrimati).

He started his career from Gujrati plays and drama, with his skills he was able to make up to Bollywood. This show was one of the best shows in those days when it used to be broadcasted on Doordarshan.

He made his debut in the Hindi movie “Hum Sath Sath Hain” and “Khoobsurat”, directors, all the crew members & actors appreciated for his acting. His skills and talent earned him the title of prince of comedy in those days. Sadly he also passed away as he was also struggling with cancer and died at the age of 46.


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