Radio communication between Passengers and Drivers before invention

Radio communication in today’s world has become one of the essential part of life. In this modern world we are surrounded with technologies. One of the major technology that has moved us on a next level is ‘Wireless communication’. People all over the world can speak and communicate with each other without any challenges or hassles.

In early 19th century it was too difficult to communicate with a person sitting beside us while travelling on motor bike.  There were no wireless device to communicate with the person sitting behind, also there were no two way communication. In fact, people had developed a unique way of communication with driver and passengers.

There was two helmet developed in which the drivers helmet was equipped with a pipe shaped stick on the back of his helmet and had a conical shaped speaker to the end. The passenger’s helmet had same concept but the pipe shaped stick which was curved from the helmet placing it towards the face of the driver.

This technology was developed in order to communicate with the driver and passenger but this was not successful as the pipe shaped stick was too stiff and fixed. If a driver meet with an accident there can be a risk of losing anyone’s life and the design was improper.

In those days researchers had tried to developed new devices which can be a successful system for the drivers and the passengers, but were unsuccessful. The idea of wireless communication predates the discovery of 1st invention. It all happened in 20th century which was first used in aircraft in order to communicate with ATC (Air Traffic Controller) and the pilot to discuss the issues of the plane.

It was the prime purpose of radio to communicate with people from long distance, and later on the idea was carried and implemented on the racing fields. As the driver had to wear the gears as well the radio device in order to have conversation with the teams discussing about the issue and the position of that opponent. As it moved on new invention took place and carried on.

This is how the invention of the wireless radio communication took place from 19th century till 20th century.

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