Have you wondered the consequences if earth stops spinning?

In our solar system, there are 8 planets in which Earth is the only planet that sustains life. Earth has formed approximately 4.5 billion years ago and a lot of cataclysmic events took place while forming. It took many years and a long process to form life.

As the modern world humans have become more intelligent and advanced, we see a lot of innovation and creation of new things. Since Industrialization is taking place at a very fast pace, the invention of automobiles and other man-made creations has left humans completely unaware of factors affecting our earth’s environment.

Have you ever wonder if the earth stops spinning? What would be the consequences that we have to go through?

According to many scientists and researchers they say, if Earth stops spinning in its own axis then the one side of it will always be facing towards the Sun and the other half will remain in the dark side, i.e. cold.

Earth rotates at a speed of 1000 miles per hour, sudden halt can bring a massive disaster. For example- If a person is traveling at a certain speed in an object and suddenly that object stops, the person inside will continue to travel due to the momentum. Similarly, if our Earth stops spinning suddenly, the momentum could bring disaster, just imagine how the massive oceans and landmass would react. By dashing into each other, a massive tsunami can take place

This type of cataclysmic event could cause a huge catastrophe like global warming which would accelerate quickly, mega-tsunami, hurricane, and lot of the horrible nightmare events. 

Earth spinning is required because it produces a magnetic field on its axis which protects us from the solar wind and radiation emitted from the Sun. it also keeps the protection layers intact. As we know and learned that Earth consists 79% of water and 21% of the land, if such an event occurred then whole Antarctica which is full of ice would meltdown and Earth will be covered full of water just like one of the planet in our solar system ”Neptune”.

Earth poles are mostly tilted, same as our Sun and nearly all the planets in our solar system are tilted, except the two Venus and Uranus). The geometry of the Earth would change unlike the planet ‘Uranus’ because it turns backward. There will be a high risk of a comet entering into Earth. As there will be no magnetic field and no UV rays protection. Farming, agriculture, and the whole forest life would come to an end.

Scientist predicts if anything as such occurs, our human race wouldn’t last long, we would extinct and perish. Though such type of event is not possible, by the time it occurs human beings might have been extinct from the earth or moved on to another place. A lot of space agencies and the private sector are trying to launch space probes into the space to find another earth-like planet. Researchers have already found a planet which is the fourth planet in our solar system (Mars). And a lot of studies and researches are been performed on the red planet.

These are just a few prediction based on the research by scientists and researchers.

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