Art of cracking coconut without any tools

In this video, this guy in Hawaii brought some coconut showing us some tricks to open the coconut without any tools.

When we buy a coconut we find the husk is already removed which makes it easy to break and crack into half. But if we are stranded out on an island just like the movie cast away, surviving becomes much more difficult if we don’t have the perfect skill to live. For example, most of the islands are filled with coconut tree and it is quite usual that it becomes the only source of water and food unless if anyone non-vegetarian. Breaking a coconut is not an easy task, it becomes extremely difficult without any tools. The outer husk of a coconut is very strong. A lot of energy is required to break a coconut. In that situation, we may get exhausted.

So here is the video, this guy shows us easy method to crack the coconut which will save our energy.

When we shake the coconut we can hear water sloshing inside if we don’t hear that, it means coconut is fully choked or completely empty. We all know that the coconut has a sharp pointed end on the one side and blunt end on the other side, so now as we all know about the coconut structure all we need to do is smashing and peeling of the fibers (husk) from the coconut.

So we need to search for a rocky place on the island. Then need to place the coconut upright on the hard surface of the rock making sure the coconut is placed in between the rocks holding it tightly. Then need a big size rock capable enough of lifting and raising it 4 ft. high, then throwing straight to the pointy part of the coconut. This might take a few attempts, but it would save a lot of energy. After few attempts of throwing the rock, the pressure of it would loosen up the tight fiber around the coconut which would make it easy to peel it off.

To break the coconut evenly into the half we need to hit the hard ridge line perpendicular to the three dots which is visible on the top.

Now the coconut is completely peeled of including the hair (husk/fibers), we can now have the clean coconut just like we have in the shop.

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cracking coconuts without tools
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