Create a Solar Plant anywhere in 2 minutes – Rollable Solar Panels

Solar energy – The word solar energy means capturing & harnessing energy from the sun and converting it into electricity. A recent invention of a rollable sheet of solar panels was revealed by a solar company. It showed how it can create a solar plant in minutes. These rollable panels can create an off-grid solar power in 2 minutes according to the company.

This rollable panel can generate an average power of 11kw. This solar panel can be transported anywhere by rolling into the truck or trailer. It is very efficient and a big achievement for the company.

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Harnessing energy from the sun made it easy through this invention. Solar energy is safe and has a huge potential to act as a replacement for fossil fuels like gas and coal which are used in generating electricity by polluting water, land, and air. The use of such energy will remove all the negative side effects that are held by using all types of fossil fuels.

In the modern world, solar energy is used in a number of ways. It is a renewable energy source that cannot end. It will help in reducing the electricity bill, diverse the application, and has a low maintenance cost. Although storing solar energy is much more expensive.

There are three main types of solar energy panels such as Monocrystalline, Polycrystalline, and thin film. Each type of these panels has its own advantages and disadvantages, also it depends upon the usage and their characteristic which has a major role play with the property and the factor of the specific desired system.

The main purpose of this invention was to lower greenhouse gas emissions. This type of invention that harness energy from sunlight creates a clean environment. It is also known to have a favorable impact on the environment. Solar power is the future of our world, it is all known that one day all the fossil fuel will be depleted and every individual will depend on solar power.

Our sun emits enough energy to satisfy the needs of every human. However, according to a report of 2018, it was reported that less than two percent of the world’s energy came from solar power. As a general solar industry states, these panels last only for 25-30 years. This rollable solar panel will play an important role in producing enough energy in the future that can be converted into electricity, which can be used in tennis courts, hockey stadiums, etc. Our biggest achievement in the history of mankind was that a solar-powered vehicle was launched on a distant red planet called “Mars”, this shows that the future will be overtaken and replaced by solar energy. 

The only disadvantage of solar power is that it won’t generate any electricity at night, but the energy can be stored in a battery. To conclude solar power is an immense source of never-ending energy as long as the sun exists solar energy will continue to produce energy.