Creepy mites that live on our face

“Demodex folliculorum” mite is an eight-legged arachnid -ectoparasite, these mites are very small and are not visible with the naked eye. A magnification of 10x is required to see these mites.

There are 3 species of these (Demodex) mites that have been identified in dogs. These mites make our face their home and live peacefully in pores.

They eat all the grease on your skin and mate at night when we are at sleep. Some researcher’s findings say they are completely harmless to people. A newborn baby doesn’t have these mites but later they get due to motherly contact.

These creepy mites can be felt crawling on face skin, as they are closely related to the insect family-like tick and spiders. A strong magnification is recommended to view these as they are incredibly small. Their favorite place to inhabit is in prominent areas like the face or in the middle of the chest.

Demodex folliculitis. These little mites are found inside hair follicles. Mineral oil prep can be used to scrape off demodex and scabies mites. For your viewing pleasure…. a moving demodex mite. Love my job!! 💕🔬 #dermpath #SilviPearls #pathology #pathbugs #CrittersOnTwitter

Posted by Silvija Gottesman, MD on Monday, September 9, 2019

A dirty pillowcase may allow these mites a good environment to grow and one cannot catch these mites. Washing pillowcase and bed sheets in hot water might kill these mites.

How do we know that they exist on the face? Symptoms like itchy skin or scaly skin, redness, burning sensation, etc may be a possibility of their existence.

These can be treated and these are minor symptoms that are easily curable, although the good part of these mites is that they not a threat to our life. For the first instance if view them in the microscope and project it on a large scale, freaking out is normal just because of how creepy they look, but it can be cured.

Demodex hates essential oil like tea tree oil, sage, and peppermint, therefore using these can be very useful and effective in making these mites go away.

Norn21 tested more than 40 different agents and only a few could kill these creepy mites within several minutes. Absolute alcohol, ether, xylol, benzene, Danish (Sulphur containing ointment) dill weed oil can also be used to eradicate these mites. Also, 100% of alcohol killed these, mites in 1.2 minutes.

Washing your face with vinegar for 10-16 days might help you fight with these mites and eradicate them. As vinegar is acidic in nature, the changes in pH level of skin might cause these mites to die and eradicate from our skin.

So these mites are not harmful and it can be cured by washing face and maintaining the hygiene, as they do not pose a threat to our life.

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