10 Easy DIY Craft Ideas to Make Earrings at Home

Earrings are a very important accessory for women as it enhances the beauty and elegance within her.

It’s also a symbol of style and status that not only enhances beauty but also makes her stand out.

While many women settle for normal conventional earrings, there are ways you can make your own earrings at home and that to one which looks cool and pretty.

The ideas shown here are very cost-effective and easy to make.

So, why to wear conventional earrings when you can make an amazing earring at home? And these earrings not only look beautiful but also attracts attention.

Here are some of the best DIY earring craft ideas that we have managed to search in social media, and we simply couldn’t stop talking about it.

1. Macrame earring

Getting bored with the current style, try this amazing craftwork of making Macrame earring at home.

This craft idea will simply amaze you, additionally, multi-color threads and ribbons can be used to look more attractive.

You can also make a different design out of it.

Get the full tutorial to make this beautiful earring here.

2. Crochet earring: Katyhandmade_official

A perfect artwork that matches all the dresses.

It also looks cool and works well for party wear or for any specific events.
With this artwork you simply need decent weaving skills, furthermore, multi-color ribbons or threads can be used to make it look more attractive.

For a complete tutorial on how to make it, you can follow the video instructions

3. Sunflower Weave earring

A beautiful pair of earrings with a combination of yellow color and design of sunflower looks pretty amazing.

All you need is a decent weaving skill to make this fine piece of art.

Different patterns can be made if you have more skills, moreover, this type of earring makes you look more attractive and matches all kinds of attire.

4. Lamp Work Beads earrings

This type of earring is kind of most renowned all over the world, as it consists of beads and gemstone which are polished and look very shiny.

This earring can be made with different colors as seen in this tutorial video.

It goes with all the dresses and matches pretty well.

You can wear this type of earrings in specific events, or parties as the gemstone are polished, so the lights reflect on it, thereby giving a cool and amazing look.

5. Blue Crystal earring

Here’s a cool and amazing crystal earring made out of the artificial plastic, that is polished and made to look like shiny crystal.

Multi-colored crystal beads can be used to make it more interesting, these type of earrings are mostly preferred to wear in the wedding ceremonies as the blue-colored crystal beads with a combination of white beads give a more impressive look.

Looking at the first instance, it gives a look of quite an expensive jewelry.

It will match perfectly with white dress.

6. Austrian crystal glass beads

This type of earring looks very expensive and costly, but actually it is not.

With decent craft skills, you can make this amazing looking earring that will definitely change your looks and grab more attention.

You can use this earring for regular wear and also in parties, events, etc. It fits in every style of the dress and attire.

7. Paper Quiling earring

Get a quick makeover of your looks with this pair of earrings that will make you stand out.

This handcrafted earring is simply made with paper, having said that it will look great at the first instance.

Sometimes the simplest things can also be very useful, effective, and beautiful, and with the help of average craft skills, it can be made to look more beautiful and expensive.

For a complete tutorial on how to make it, click here.

8. Polymer earring

This amazing looking earring is made of polymer, that is white in color and very light in weight.

The polymer is a very suitable material for making earrings as it can be molded into different designs and shapes.

A round-shaped design matches all types of dresses and attires.

The round-shaped earring and dotted blue color sequence on it looks very pretty and surely will give a great look.

Click here for a complete tutorial on how to make this craft.

9. Special paper quilled earrings

This is yet another amazing design that is guaranteed to enhance the look, It is purely made up of paper quilled.

Again, this fine piece of artwork is very easy. This type of earring can be worn in parties and other events, and it will definitely enhance the look.
If you have a decent craft skill you too can make this.

10. Jhumka earrings

This Jhumka earring is simple and handcrafted by using paper.

It can be worn on occasions like festivals, wedding ceremony and other traditional events that occur.

It gives a traditional look and is very easy to make, furthermore the cost of making this type of earring is inexpensive.

This concludes our top 10 list of DIY Craft Ideas to make earrings at home.

All the craft ideas above are easy and make use of simple materials. Out of all the 10 ideas which one did you like the most? Do let us know.

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