DIY Craft Idea – Kids Emoji Watch (Easy 5 mins Craft)

Did you know you can make a fun to play emoji watch for kids at home using simple papers and a little bit of drawing skills?

The best part of this emoji watch is that it can be made numerous times as it doesn’t cost much. This watch doesn’t showtime, but you can make many emoji face expression on it as your wish, which is fun and entertaining for kids.

Sliding each emoji from left to right is very interesting and simply keeps the kids engaged in it.

Just follow the quick tutorial video below and make one of your own at home.

Material Required:

  • A4 Blank paper
  • Sketch pens, scale, and Pencil to draw
  • Glue and scissor
  • Paper cutter & Circular Protractor

How to make Emoji Watch?

1. Take a white A4 size paper and draw a circle for bunny emoji’s face.

kids emoji watch step 1

2. Draw its ears and cut it precisely.

3. Color the Bunny face with sketch pen or any paint as your wish.

4. Then make a small cut of 1.5cm width parallel to each other in the middle of the face of bunny emoji.

5. Now cut a strap (1.5 cm width) from the same paper.

6. Fold the strap on your hand to check its length fits perfectly.

7. Now Insert the strap through the parallel line cut of the bunny, so that it can slide from left to right vice versa. Also start making each emoji as you slide from left to right.

8. Lastly, make cut at the ends of the strap. so that it can be locked together in our wrist and hold.

Your Emoji Watch is ready.

Hope you have liked this easy to make DIY craft idea for kids.


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