DIY-Paper-Craft: How to Make a Bunny rabbit Easily?

DIY Bunny Craft – Yet another creative craft idea to make an adorable character at home with all the materials that are easily available.

This little bunny will make an interesting decoration for our house. Hanging on the curtains, bedroom, and on the refrigerators will make this bunny looks amazing.

To make one just follow few easy steps mentioned in the tutorial below.

Materials required to make your Bunny:

  • Some Craft paper
  • Scissor and pencil
  • Glue

For the tutorial just follow the video, with a few easy steps, you can make your own easter bunny at home.

How to make Paper Bunny at home?

Step 1:

First take a craft paper and make two to three thick straps, cut precisely.

Step 2:

Make a lot of small folds to it until you get a spring-type crease.

Step 3:

After that stick all the straps to each other forming a circular shape.

Step 5:

Now draw its ears, mouth, nose, and paws on the craft paper precisely according to its size.

Step 6:

Color all the parts of it as you wish.

Stick all parts starting with the ears and then it’s nose and mouth.

For the eyes, you will need movable googly eyes.

Your Bunny is ready.

This beautiful piece of art does not require any special skill set. Furthermore, we can stick it to the walls of the kid’s bedroom to decorate the house. Also, the bedroom will look attractive.

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