Is Earth Suspended or Falling in Space?

Every object in outer space has a gravitational effect, also the gravity of that particular object is influenced by everything that travels around its path. So we can say that Gravity is like a glue that holds all the planets, objects, and galaxies intact.

Due to the gravitational force, our modern civilized humans were able to land on the moon and return to earth as a successful mission. It is all understood that farther you go away from gravity the lesser the pulling effect. For example, space shuttle traveling into outer space for a space mission, the gravity pull is so strong the shuttle struggles to get rid of the gravity, and when in the outer space there is no effect of gravity, therefore shuttle can travel around freely without any exertion.

As we speak of traveling into outer space in a space shuttle, after the successful moon space mission we came to know that space is empty and there is no gravity, even astronauts float in space due to lack of gravity. All the planets, stars, moon, and satellites remain suspended and tidally locked with each other.

Some researchers say the Black matter is holding the galaxies which remain suspended and is also responsible for expanding the size of the Universe. It is a universal fact that gravity plays an important role in space.

‘Sir Isaac Newton’ a great scientist who discovered the theory of gravity i.e. anything we throw up will fall down, also realized the reason why Earth keeps orbiting around the Sun is due to its gravitational force. It’s the sun’s gravity that keeps all the planets intact in the solar system.

According to researchers all the planets, stars, and other objects were formed in Oval & round spinning shaped cloud which kept continuing until our solar system was formed. The gravity of the Sun keeps the planets locked in their orbit and they keep orbiting around because, other than the Sun’s gravity there are no other forces that can control them (There are many other stars with higher gravitational pull than our sun but since it is outside our solar system, planets are controlled by sun’s gravity).

The phenomena of orbiting planets and other objects in our solar system are because of the gravity, according to researchers, they say smaller planet or object orbits the heavier one’s. Likewise, our Moon orbits around Earth because the Moon is much lighter than our planet. Similarly, our Sun is a much heavier star than any other planets and objects in our solar system.

The gravitational pulling effect is created more in a heavier object as compared to lighter ones in space. Furthermore, due to the empty and cold nature of space, astronauts keep floating in space.

We can almost say that they are weightless. As we know from our childhood and learned in school colleges about gravity which is very important for sustaining life, it also holds down all the required gases and elements for sustaining life. Although space is quiet, empty, lack a suitable atmosphere for humans, and has no gravity humans cannot breathe in space.

So now we know that How Planets, galaxies and other objects remain suspended in outer space and how Earth is locked in its orbit.

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