Easy Diy Airplane Craft Idea for Kids

The airplane has always inspired a lot of toy companies to replicate those and make cool toys for children. Having said that, the majority of expensive toys don’t last long. These days we see a lot of people getting inspired by all the toys and use their own creativity to make one with paper or any other materials.

The creativity to make the airplane does not have any limits, many individuals go to an extent where they end up creating a high-end RC Plane.

While RC planes look awesome, today we are going to focus on something which is not only easy but highly engaging and interesting.
We will try to make an Airplane using simple materials. The making process is interesting and the final product can be easily used as a toy.
With this craft Idea, kids will enjoy the making process as well as the toy itself.

This craft idea is very cost-efficient, by following a few easy steps shown in the tutorial below you can easily make one at home using different colors and styles.

You can also give curvy shapes to the fan blades and customize the design on its tail.

Furthermore, coloring the body also gives amazing effects and looks even more attractive. This craft idea can also be used for kids school projects.

Let’s get started…

Material required:

  • 2 Multi-color Craft paper as required.
  • A plastic bottle
  • Glue
  • Scale, pencil, and scissor

Have all the materials handy? Let’s look at the making process.

How to make Airplane using Plastic Bottle?

Step 1: Wrapping the Bottle

Step 1: Airplane craft

First, take a craft paper that is in rectangular shape cover the bottle, apply some glue towards the end. Let it sit for a few minutes until it gets dry.

Step 2: Making Wings

Take another craft paper and draw the wing on it, fold the paper in half so we can get two wings at the same time, and split it into two.

Step 3: Cutting Tail

Then cut strap from the same leftover paper and bend it from the top, and cut it through the midpoint, then given a slight bend at the bottom just like T shape for the tail.

Step 4: Making Fuel Tank

Now for the fuel tank, follow the same step that was used to make the body, roll the smaller paper as required, although in this craft it is kept hollow. But we can use covered cylindrical shaped paper to look more attractive.

Step 5: Sticking Wings

Then stick it to the wings and let it dry for a few minutes. At the same time stick the strap which was cut for the Tail along with the fuel tank.

Step 6: Sticking Fuel Tank

Stick the fuel tank.

Step 7: Attaching Propeller

Cut another strap from the paper and give a curved shape for the propeller.

After all the pieces are cut, stick it to the bottle cap, once it is dry close the cap of the bottle.

Paper Plane is ready

And your plastic bottle paper plane is ready.

Kids can play with it and will be enjoying a great time. It will also keep all the kids playing with it for hours. This type of craft skills can be put to use in making a beautiful plane in a very cost-efficient way.

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