Elon Musk plans to shoot a movie in outer space

As we all know about ‘Elon Musk’ a great technology entrepreneur and CEO of Space X Company (lead designer), as per his goals The Space X, Tesla, and Solar City revolve around his vision that might change the world.

The recent news that created a spark in Hollywood (film industry) by Elon Musk is that he is planning to shoot some action movie scenes in outer space. Rumors which turned out to be real and have been planned already to execute in future dates (yet to decided).   

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Elon Musk was initially known for Tesla products and their experiment which he achieved great success out of one of his goals. A recent rumor in which he actually stated that sparked the media and film industry of shooting an action movie scene in outer space, which is itself a great achievement in the film industry, it’s like taking the industry to the next level.

The actor who is going to shoot this movie with Elon Musk is no other but ‘Tom Cruise’. He is known for making all action movies and all the stunts are performed by ‘Tom Cruise’ himself, he is taking it to the whole new level by shooting 1200 miles above the earth which Elon Musk’s rocket Space X is going to take him there.

Nasa Administrator Jim Bridenstine confirmed about the agency will work with Tom cruise to shoot action movie scenes aboard an international Space station. A movie named ‘A Beautiful Planet’ shot in outer space which was filmed on the international space station in IMAX by NASA Astronauts. As ‘Tom Cruise would be the first celebrity amongst all the celebrities to shoot some action scenes of his movie in outer space. 

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‘Tom Cruise’ is hoping to blast into the Hollywood record book by shooting the first action movie in space ever. ‘Elon Musk’ also tweeted that Space X’s involvement with the mission “should be fun”. The partnership of Elon Musk and Tom cruise for the action movie is still in progress as no studio has officially accepted to film that movie yet.

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In his last action movie from Mission Impossible: Rogue Nation 2015, we all saw how the stunts were carried out all by himself hanging out from Airbus 400. Which he actually proposed to Airbus, they said it was impossible to perform, but Tom cruise was all prepared for the stunt. According to Airbus stated the real danger in performing the stunt was getting hit with the pebble while taking off and when in the air he might get strike by birds which would be like a cannonball at that speed. Lastly, the toxic air from the exhaust could be real punishing which might make him suffocate but due to all the consequences ‘Tom Cruise made it through and performed all the stunts in that movie.   

The older ‘Tom Cruise’ gets the more fun it is to watch him risking his life while shooting action movies. Let’s hope for the best and we all wait for the good news about the movie is been accepted by film producers to shoot in outer space.