Ethiopian Airlines (Boeing 777 ) Catches Fire at Shanghai Pudong Airport

Ethiopian airline-Boeing 777 freighter aircraft catches fire on Wednesday, July 22′ 2020  at Shanghai Pudong International Airport.

This video of  Boeing 777 caught fire was viral on Chinese social media sites as well as all over the world news. The fire was caught on the upper cargo deck and burnt the fuselage.

Due to the Covid-19 Pandemic, many airliners are in the loss in terms of income.

People and other staffs were lucky as this incident didn’t occur during the flight, or else there could have been casualties.

Luckily in this incident, nobody was injured, all the crew members and the staff members managed to get off the plane safely.

 Although the investigation has already started to know the main cause of this incident. The crew reported the fire had caught in the main deck while the preparation of the final taxing.

The crew also informed ATC about the incident and asked for help as per the protocols and procedures.

By the time helped reached the plane, the fire had spread out and reached the main cabin, but later everything was brought under control by emergency services.

The whole upper portion of the airplane was burnt. 

 This airplane had a clean chit maintenance log book since its last flight. This plane (Boeing 777) with the registration of ET-ARH was originally dedicated to cargo aircraft, that was acquired by Ethiopian airlines from the Boeing factory in October 2014.

A team of experts from Addis Ababa is also investigating on this case along with the Chinese investigators. This case is still under process and Appropriate authorities are investigating the cause of Incident.