Evolution of the Computer and Mobile technology

It is said that evolution took place only in human and their surroundings. But the most admired and mainly used gadgets in our day to day life is our own inventions based on technology, and we are 24*7 hours surrounded by it.

The first laptop was invented by ‘Adam Osborne’ in 1981, it had worth $1500 of programs. The main purpose of this portable computer was to minimize the space as compared to big computers with giants CPUs, hard drives, and much more stuff that were involved in operating it.

The ‘Epson’ was the first computer laptop invented in the year 1980 by “Yukio Yokozawa”, and he also received a patent for his invention. It was running on a 16bit grid compass 1101 processor. This processor was designed by “Bill Moggridge” in 1970-1980 which was later put into production in 1982, this processor was safely covered in magnesium. These computers would appear like a suitcase.

This first computer laptop was the size of the notebook, it also had a big socket to plug in any external wire or other devices like USB, internet connection wires, and any other additional devices which were used to connect.

That's Technology….

Posted by Riyaz Khambati on Friday, November 2, 2012

As the days passed by, we moved towards modernization, not only humans evolved but technology also evolved accordingly. We can see the difference in the 21st-century world and 19th-century development in terms of technology. Back in those days, there was very little scope in technology as compared to today’s world. There are unlimited varieties of technology that got a touch of modernization. We are still in the process of creating and inventing technology and taking it to the next level. Without the help of computers, human beings would have never made it to the Moon. It is not only a laptop but people now carry cellphones with them in their pockets, which does the similar work of a computer.

For example, email, surfing on the internet, social networking, and many more kinds of stuff can be performed from a small device. It took 40 years of evolution for a cellphone to perform such a thing. People communicating far away from a distance effortlessly without any interruption.

So this proves evolution took place not only in humans but also in the technology created by humans. When we look back in time, we realize how blessed we are to live in this day and age.

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