This Exoplanet rains molten iron

An exoplanet that was discovered while exploring space while in search of a new Earth-like planet was named as WASP-76B.

It was named WASP-76B because this exoplanet was discovered in 2013 and was detected by the UK-led WASP telescope system.

This strange exoplanet is a gas giant and twice the size of Jupiter. It is located in the constellation Pisces and orbits F-type star which takes 1.8 days to complete one orbit of its star.

This lonely exoplanet is 640 light-years away from us. The temperature of this planet reaches 2400 degrees celsius in the day and at night it falls up to 1400 Celsius. The temperature of that exoplanet is hot enough to melt and vaporize any metal. On the dark side of this exoplanet, these molten iron gets vaporized and gets condensed. Later it rains hot molten liquid iron on the surface.

This exoplanet seems to be lonely in its solar system according to some researchers. The specification of this lonely exoplanet was distorted by the light in space emitting from a stellar companion. According to researchers’ new reports in May 2020 of the exoplanet explains that the atmosphere is cloudily consisting of hydrogen-helium, the upper layer of the atmosphere includes titanium and vanadium oxidation. These data were all captured through the help of Hubble space telescope and spritzer space telescope. It also allowed detecting traces of water in the atmosphere.    

Here is a quick a video of the exoplanet as a demonstration of the environment and atmosphere.

Although this strange and lonely planet is not habitable for humans at all, in recent news on BBC “Dr. David Ehrenreich” from the University of Geneva said the environment is so bizarre and extreme. Imagine rain of hot molten liquid iron instead of droplets of water, that sounds so scary.

This unique characteristic of this planet caught scientist‘s attention. The team of researchers in chile are still studying the behavior, atmosphere, and environment.

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