Failed Kidnapping Attempt Video becomes Viral

A recent video was captured from a CCTV that went viral all over the news and the internet.

This video is a failed Kidnapping attempt which went horribly wrong. It was quite a drama at Sundar Block in  Shakarpur-Delhi on Tuesday.

When the Kidnappers attempted to abduct the four-year-old child, her mother intervened at the right moment and showed extreme courage, thereby saving her.

Those Kidnappers were dressed in very decent formals, one of them was wearing a blue shirt and carrying a red backpack.

Any person dressed like that can be deceptive and one could not identify the real character behind their clothes. Those kidnappers approached that child’s mother, asking for a glass of water which seems to be a perfect strategy to execute the plan of kidnapping.

As soon as child’s mother went to bring water, the kidnappers were in a hope that she would go inside the house to bring water, but fortunately, the bottle was kept filled near the door gate.

The moment she turned around and got distracted the Kidnappers started to grab the child and sit on the bike, trying to flee.

Hearing the noise mother charges with force towards the kidnapper and rams herself into them causing Kidnappers to fall from the bike. Because off which they were unable to run and this courageous move actually saved the child from getting abducted.

Here’s the actual footage….

Watching this incident happening two neighbours showed up and tried to seize their bike but they managed to escape somehow.

As were escaping from the lane down the narrow gully one of the neighbors yelled at another person down the lane to stop the guy from running.

The local individual quickly responded and blocked the narrow lane exit with a -bike-scooty and then pushed the bike-borne kidnapper to one side before grabbing the other.

Man attempting to stop Kidnapper

The second man escapes and also hits with his helmet to the person who tried to stop him but the bike-borne kidnapper somehow managed to escape along with the second person.

The Kidnapper made a huge mistake though, during the gushing and pushing one of the kidnapper’s backpack had fallen down in that very lane.

And Delhi Police was smart enough to be able to track them down, also the bike number was a fake registration. The police also managed to track the real owner of the bike-“Dheeraj” a resident of ‘Jagat Puri’.

This whole masterplan was laid by the child’s uncle(Upendra-(Alias  Bittu)) because the child’s father was a successful cloth merchant and his brother wanted to extract a ransom of 35 lakh after his niece is kidnapped.

With the help of CCTV footage, Delhi police were able to track down these kidnappers.

When questioned about this, the Kidnapper stated they were promised of Rs 1 lakh for his role. This was all set by the Upendra(Alias Bittu) the mastermind, later confessed by his Brother the real master planner.

Delhi police have also found four cartridges and a country-made gun from the backpack. According to Delhi police, this incident took place around 4.00 pm.

Real courage and mother’s love saved the child from being abducted.