Farting continuously is equivalent to an Atomic explosion?

The human body contains a lot of gases that are released after the food is digested or in the process of digestion. A lot of gases can be found around the stomach, intestine, and rectum. Our body farts because it produces gases when the bacteria convert part of food into hydrogen and carbon dioxide gases.

These farts contain gases, It contains a tiny amount of hydrogen, carbon dioxide, and methane combined. When these gases are released from the body a tiny amount of hydrogen and ammonia mixes with gases.

These are a result of food that contains a high amount of protein like red meat, egg, milk, or vegetables which has a high content of protein. These types of food produce Sulphur gas and all this is being carried out by bacteria fermentation.

According to research and scientific experiments in America, details were captured to be specific about the fart (gases) contained in our body. An experiment carried out and a study of 1997 of 16 Americans found the volume of fart (gases) ranges of 17 millimeters to 375 millimeters. These gases get compressed and being stored in a tiny space of our body.

It is being said by people around, that farts can be flammable? Yes, these gases released from our body might be flammable due to the gases which contain a tiny amount of methane, hydrogen it can be set on fire. A recent rumored of a story on the internet that stated if farted continuously for 6 years and 9 months would create an energy level of an Atomic bomb. Many people disagree with the statement. Although it is proven that fart gases are flammable.

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Here’s a quick video of an experiment carried putting fart on fire

In this video, we see there were 3 attempts made in order to put the gases on fire released from the body. So It is true that farts may be flammable. But the rumor/Myth (fart can be as explosive as a bomb) still needs to be solved. Many researchers believe, If any individual is farting continuously for 6 years and 9 months, it would create an energy equivalent atomic bomb.

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