Watch how Harmonics can change the structure of Water Droplets

Harmonics are the current which operates and emit a frequency, it is created by electric equipment by pulling current in sudden short pulses.

The sudden short pulses which then causes distorted waveform that result in harmonics current to flow back into other parts of the system. It occurs in a steady state which is an integer and multiples of the fundamental frequency.

Whenever harmonics are played, acoustically a high charged frequency is released from it, which is not visible to our naked eye. There are different sound waves that are released when such high-frequency systems are played loudly.

It is not only the harmonics but systems like violins and flutes etc. also release high-frequency sound.

These frequencies are released at a high rate causing vibration, which creates a levitating effect on the object or any things. In this case, we can see in the video that vibration is so tensed that it creates a vibration and therefore lifting up the droplet of water a few millimeters in the air.

The droplet of water changes its shape, size, and structure according to the frequency as it changes. To get such kind of the structure and shape in a droplet of water different level of frequency is required, which needs to be played through an acoustic.

We can see in the video there were seven sections of the wavelength that were played acoustically each with different frequencies. The first waveform is the supply of frequency. The second waveform is the frequency that vibrates like a string in two sections which is twice the amount of frequency released compared to the first section waveform.

Here’s a quick video that shows water changing its shape and structure based on the frequency.

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