Heavy Rainfall causes houses to collapse in Mithi River (Vakola)

Rainfall from the past 5 hrs continuously has caused houses to collapse in Santacruz East, Vakola (Nallah) Mithi River.

People are still trapped in it.

Apparently the houses which collapsed are near Trimurti Chawl, Room no 694 & 695. These houses were built beside the passing river (Nallah).

Because of the heavy rainfall and wind it caused the river level to rise, and the houses which were built beside the Nallah eroded the wall and the foundation, due to which it collapsed.

During the incident, small baby and other people drowned, luckily locals were able to save the baby and now admitted to V.N Desai hospital, but the adults and the other people drowned are yet to be found.

Due to the force of the running water people and their family are still searching the rest of the members.

NDRF team, Fire brigade and Mumbai Police has arrived at the spot.

According to the locals after that baby, one of the members was found and taken to the hospital, but is reported as dead.

Police and the locals also stated one woman and three girls drowned in that river. NDRF team and fire brigade team are still in search for the 2 girls and 1 woman.

Investigation is going on, More details awaited.

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