Hulk vs Fenris Wolf – Who Wins?

A movie clip from Thor Ragnarok 2017 showed all the people running towards the crystal bridge with their Leader Hemidall.

All characters had carried weapons and leaders leading their way, all of a sudden they heard a scary roar like a lion, and foggy wind passes by through the bridge, and it appears to be a huge Angry Black Wolf, which was guarded by that wolf called ‘Fenris’.

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Everyone wanted to cross the crystal bridge, but the wolf was fierce screaming throughout the bridge running towards them thus making everyone all including Heimdall the Leader fearful, a quick decision was needed to make by the leader to fight with that Wolf and turning back was not possible.

Heimdall made up his mind to fight against the wolf with all the people, as the wolf was running towards the people, Hulk jumped from the plane on crystal bridge to save people.

Wolf stopped running sniffed Hulk and thought Hulk is dead, but he was in the process of turning into a green monster, Wolf again started running towards the people when that Wolf reached near those people, Hulk grabbed its tail and swung back towards the middle of the bridge. Hulk taunted the wolf with a huge roar and Wolf roared back towards Hulk too.

And the fight began between Hulk & Wolf-Fenris, Hulk started to fight with Wolf by smashing on his face, Wolf then grabbed Hulk’s hand dragged him towards the people but they both fell from the bridge into the waterfall both were fighting ferociously. Wolf then pounced on Hulk and Hulk grabbed its mouth trying to split in half but Hulk smashes it face and slammed into the waterfall upside down.

Wolf again grabs Hulk leg and swings left right into the river and pierced its teeth into his leg which led to bleeding.

While the fight was still on Hulk got angry and punches on the face of Wolf, Wolf then losses its grip and fell off the cliff. This was the most ferocious fight one cannot forget out of any hulk movies.

We think Hulk was dominant but lets our viewers decide who is more powerful and who won.

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