Kapil Sharma resumes shooting, feels motivated by his wife

Kapil Sharma show is a comedy TV show that makes whole India laugh.

Watching this show is very entertaining, but due to this Pandemic of coronavirus, shooting is halted and we all await to see when the shooting will resume.

After 125 days we saw a video that got viral on social media shared by Kapil Sharma on Twitter.

Actor cum Comedian “Kapil Sharma” and his team began shooting after 125 days. All the precautionary measures and the guidelines were followed before proceeding to the premises.

While entering the gate sanitization was the first precautionary measure taken followed by checking the temperature.

We can see a short video of actor Kapil Sharma’s colleague Sumona Chakravarti, Bharti Singh and his team being sanitized before entering the premises.


‘Sumona’ was the first person to enter that zone looking very happy, and Bharti was the second person who also did a small dance in that sanitizing spray zone container.

Bharti’s temperature was checked and oxygen content in the body which was 94. she also said how fit she was to the person at the counter, later she applied sanitizer on her hand and proceeded further.

Keeping all the rules and regulations in mind the shooting finally resumes. all the team is back to make India laugh again.

Recent news from Kapil Sharma confirmed that the first guest to step on the show will be “Sonu Sood” a Covid-19 Warrior. Apart from the comedian “Kapil Sharma” the show also consists of some of the popular stars like Krushna Abhishek, Bharti Singh, Kiku Sharda, Sumona Chakraborty, Chandan Prabhakar, and Archana Puran Singh.

A recent picture of Archana Puran Singh was shared on the internet, she said due to the lockdown many makeup artists cannot make up to the set, so she had to do her own makeup before shooting started.

These actors have to take precautionary measures and follow certain guidelines like wearing mask sanitizing body etc.

As they have taken permission from the government official to start shooting under precautionary measures. Some state government has allowed resuming the shooting of some small scale firms to shoot TV Serials, programs, Ads, etc with some restrictions.

As government granted permission actors too have to take precautionary measures.

Some of the band and musicians in the background of this show are seen wearing masks.

Kapil Sharma is doing everything to be safe also he stated his team is quite worried about their family and themselves because after their shift is over they have to go their home.

Kapil Sharma said after his shift is over he goes to his guest house sanitizes his body then takes a warm bath and then he enters his house.

Throughout the lockdown, Kapil Sharma has been very proactive in social media in replying on every B’news, he hasn’t replied since the day of the Versatile Actor Sushant Singh death.

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