13 Kitchen Decoration Ideas for Spacious looking Kitchen

The kitchen is not just a place where you simply cook food, rather it’s an emotional place, especially for ladies. Having said that these days modern houses have limited space due to which decorating and organizing the kitchen becomes a challenging task.

Nobody likes to cook in a small place and especially in a kitchen that does not have things organized. Furthermore, if your kitchen does not have everything organized, it also won’t look good.

We have been searching for kitchen ideas that will not only make your kitchen look bigger but also make it more organized.

After doing a bit of research what we found is that, if you keep the layout and the color of your kitchen light, it will visually make your kitchen look larger.

The reason why Light color makes your kitchen look larger is because, in most cases, it does not have the edges outlined.

If you outline the edges of your ceiling, shelf, and other kitchen items it will simply appear smaller as visually it’s easy for the eyes to spot the edges.

Coming back to the point of design ideas that makes your kitchen appear large, we have listed 13 such ideas below.

1.) Simple White Layout

As you can see in this layout, the overall theme or the color is white with limited edges. Due to the white layout and limited edges, this kitchen not only looks beautiful but it also looks spacious.

Also, in this layout things are organized so well that majority of the kitchen items fit so well.

This design may not be the best in the world, but it definitely teaches us how to utilize the space in the best possible manner.

2.) Simple black and white layout

Just like the first design, this too is designed to be efficient in terms of saving space.

This design intelligently integrates all the important kitchen stuff in limited space.

As you can see, this design has few black color edges, thereby making it look less spacious than the first one. But in reality this design also does the trick in terms of saving space and efficiently integrating important kitchen items.

This may not look extremely spacious, but this design is efficient and actually looks great.

3.) Black and White layout with smart storage solution

This is another design that caught our attention, especially when we look at the total space of the kitchen, and the items integrated into such a limited space.

The kitchen is actually small but appears large because of the dimension and the color combination used.

The secret sauce to make it look larger is the white color with limited edges (as we said earlier). When we look at how the Owens, plates, and basin is placed, it almost looks perfect.

4.) Simple Smart Storage Kitchen Idea

This Kitchen looks small but look at how beautifully shelf and other items are integrated. While this design does not make use of plain white color to make it look large, the color combination used is very close to perfect.

This yet another smart storage solution design that is worth considering if you are under a limited budget.

5.) Small kitchen designer Idea

The kitchen looks small, lets be honest.

Having said that, look how beautifully the color scheme is implemented.

The balance of green and white color makes this kitchen look not only presentable but also spacious than it actually is.

The shelf and important kitchen items are easily fitted into limited space, therefore making optimum utilization of space.

This design is recommended for those who have very limited space in the kitchen.

6.) Smart Kitchen

This is again an extrtemely small kitchen, but when we look at how things are organized, we will have to say that it’s simply amazing.

Now this idea may not fit for everyone as this kitchen is smaller than the one’s discussed earlier. If you have a limited space only then this design makes a perfect fit.

If you have little more space, the best is to go with the designs discussed earlier. Having said that this Kitchen idea equally works best when saving space is your first priority.

7.) Small Kitchen Idea using light color and smart placements

As the name says, this is another design that we found to be exciting especially because the shelf’s and the stove has been placed perfectly.
The extensive use of shelf and excellent choice of colors make it not only look beautiful but also saves a lot of space.

This design idea makes an excellent fit for those who want to build attractive kitchen at a very limited space.

8.) Small Kitchen with grey layout

While researching on the space-efficient kitchen ideas, we found this design to be just about perfect.

This Kitchen idea makes extensive use of greyish color with limited use of white and black color.

We must agree that due to black color and edges the kitchen looks smaller (Could have been much better if the edges were white – to make it look larger).

Having said that don’t go by what it looks, it can actually fit more items than an average small-sized kitchen would.

This Kitchen makes uses of smart shelves and excellent placement of other items to make it look classy and beautiful.

If you want to save space and don’t care about how large your kitchen looks, this may just be a perfect choice for you.

It can fit the complex stuff effortlessly into the limited space, as you can see it managed to fit the refrigerator as well.

9.) Smart white theme Kitchen Idea

One thing you may have noticed is that, in most of the small kitchen design ideas the color scheme is either white or extremely light.

This Kitchen too uses that same principal. If you arfe reading this article thoroguhly, you would know exactly why the design ideas are mostly white.

In this case, the color scheme is intentionally kept as white to make it easier on our eyes, as a result, it looks larger than what it actually is.
This design is another smart way to keep your things organized and make it look beautiful.

Just look at how the shelf’s, Oven, vas, and the hanging shelf is kept. It is designed only to make it look spacious and expensive.

If you take a closer look at this kitchen design, you will realize, it does not make use of any special materials. This also means that it is designed to be pocket friendly.

10.) White and Brown wooden Kitchen Cabinet

This wooden cabinet kitchen is based on an open as well as closed shelve model, where you have the option to keep the most frequently used items on the open shelf.

The benefit of keeping both open and closed shelve models is that, the open shelf is easier on eyes and makes your kitchen look brighter and larger.

As you can see in the image above, the size of the kitchen itself is not so large, yet it appears highly presentable and spacious.

Furthermore, this setup is easy on your pocket, unlike other kitchen models where equipment cost just shoots up.

This Kitchen idea makes a perfect fit for those trying to optimize the limited space and reduce the overall cost.

11.) Wooden Kitchen Cabinet with White layout

This is another sleek and classy looking kitchen decor idea that caught our attention.

If you look at the kitchen closely, you will see that its narrow and not too long, in short, the space is limited.

But if you look at how beautifully it makes use of such a small space. This is the optimum utilization of limited space in action.

Furthermore, the way it is designed is simply amazing since it does not give the feeling of limited space. In fact, it gives us the impression that the kitchen is spacious.

The way this layout manages to give us the feeling of large space is by using the combination of open as well as closed shelf model.

This further extends by making use of white color layout and using limited edges, which further enhances the look and feel.

Look how easily key items gets integrated in such a small kitchen.

12.) Compact Kitchen Idea

Look at how beautifully things are placed by using compact design.
This design makes use of an open shelf as well as a closed shelf model. Having said that closed shelf dominates the majority of the area.

Including both closed and open shelves and by making tactical use of limited space, this design is a perfect model for those who want to save space OR are struggling to create space.

The only drawback here is the refrigerator, with this design, not sure where you can place the refrigerator. Somehow, if you can manage to squeeze your refrigerator elsewhere, this design can save you a lot of money as well as space.

13.) Stainless Steel and Grey color layout

Yet another smartly designed shelf and color layout that not only gives the rich look but also makes it look spacious.

This design makes a perfect fit if you have more than average space.

The grey and white layout give that classy look and stainless steel gives you the shinny look which makes your kitchen popout.

This design will make your kitchen look expensive and at the same time, you will not be spending a fortune to build this.

This concludes our list of 13 Kitchen ideas that will make your kitchen look spacious and expensive.

If you want to make your kitchen look expensive and spacious, you can follow these 3 simple rules:

  • Make use of light color (example: White or Off White color)
  • Try to use the combination of open and closed shelf model, as they are easy on eyes and does not make your eyeballs stick.
  • Try to keep the edges as light as possible, dark edges catch the attention and therefore it restricts your attention.

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