Backyard Scientist makes Worlds Largest Jello Pool with 15 tons Jelly

In 2016 first ever jello pool was made by Mark Robber with backyard scientist, many jelly pools were made but none of them succeeded, only video you can see with actual jelly pool is the one below.

So according to Mark Rober making a pool of jelly was extremely hard. It is a combination of science & chemistry, also it was his childhood dream since he was a little kid. He always wondered if he would get a chance to make one & finally that one got executed in the year 2016.

So to make a Jello pool first Mark had to boil the water, add jelly powder & refrigerate to get it firm which is easy for a small dish but it was extremely challenging to execute the same process for making a pool of jelly.

Mark and his brother had to boil the water & refrigerate the entire pool-which is actually more challenging than creating jelly at home in a pan.

On Thanks Giving Mark and his brother dug up a hole in their backyard and set up 2 months course of few experiments which answered their questions for making a pool filled with jelly.

The 2 months’ research helped them to understand the requirement of making a pool made of jelly and gave them a detailed understanding of how much materials are required for the whole pool and so on.

Mark and his brother then decided to get six, 55 gallons of drums with custom propane burners which solved the heating problem.

The next challenge was to refrigerate the whole pool which seems to be impossible, so they teamed up with nature and waited for the perfect climatic conditions.

With the help of thermometer Mark and his brother kept a track of temperature daily, Finally on the second last week of April till the first week of May, they finally got a chance to start the process, now all they want is the perfect temperature to cool down the pool.

Mark needed a suitable temperature that would refrigerate but not freeze because freezing the jelly could ruin their project.

So they started on 4th week of April by adding gelatin powder & heating the mixture day by day and started to fill up the pool, they also brought swamp cooler from their neighborhood which blew cold air for weeks & allowed the top portion of pool to cool down with fresh air.

Finally, on Saturday morning, they woke up and checked the pool. The sight was a dream come true as the jelly was formed perfectly as planned.

So After long wait Mark’s dream come true,  Swimming through the pool was not possible but Mark & other children were able to float & play around.

Diving into the pool was blocking nose and ear which made it difficult to swim through due to slippery & slimy conditions.

Later due to the direct sunlight jelly started to lose its tension & became water again.

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Jello Pool
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