Astonishing facts of Left and Right symbol on headphones

Why do headphones have left and right symbol? In the modern world, people are becoming more advanced day by day. Headphones were originated from the telephone receiver’s earpiece, where there was only one way to listen to the electrical audio signal before any amplifiers were developed.

The first successful device was made in the year 1910 by ‘Nathaniel Brown ‘which he later sold them to United States Navy. Slowly and steadily as the days pass by people started to create and invent more new things including the headphone which was started by ‘Nathaniel Brown’. The first headphone was developed in the late 19th century for use of FM radio and telephone speaker to keep their hands free.

This earphone was a pair of small loudspeaker drivers which was worn around the head over the user’s ears. It was a device consisting of an electrical signal later converted to, known as a transducer. It was a combination of headphones and microphone. 

These headphones were introduced with the Mono-aural concept. So if any music is played through Mono-aural headphone then the sound emitted from the headphone is proportionate from each bud 50/50. As the days passed by, many creative and innovative invention was made, People came up with the “Stereo” concept in a headphone, which means sound or music is played differently to give an echo or surround effect.

The symbol of Left and Right on headphones plays a major role while listening to music or using it to speak for telecommunication. For example, if a pair of gloves are designed and appear to be different from each other for our hands, similarly the headphones are designed for the ears which appear to be different from each other to fit comfortably.

Ultimately, these are said to be channels that are based on the symbol of left and right on headphones. Here we have complete authority to make any modifications to the headphone. For example, if you want to increase in sound on the left side or right side you can do it effortlessly even we can control the volume level as well. This facility/concept lacked in Mono headphones in the early 19th century and perfected later on. This concept of Stereo headphone was outstanding in terms of sound quality and effects, watching movies or listening to music has changed people’s perspective.

The reason for those symbols on headphones is because of stereo effects. For example, if you are listening to music or watching movies and the movie character or the sound of music is coming from the left side then the left side is amplified loudly according to the rhythm of it. Similarly, it is the same as the right side, which is synchronized with the play.

So the headphone is so much synchronized that if you are playing any strategy game and enemy appears from the left side you automatically come to know that the opponent is on the left side. This happens because of the synchronization that is why it is said to wear the correct headphone over the ear in order to get proper effects.

This concept was introduced to bring depth in stereo effect and a lot of effects are based on magnet orientation also at what degree the magnet is tilted. You can also change the position of the magnet in order to get the effect. These are the concept and purposes of the symbol on the headphones.

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