Luminosity beyond Imagination

“Quasar” the brightest object in the known universe so far. While space exploration scientist and all researchers had come across the most luminous nucleus emitting brightest light in the universe.

This brightest object in space was discovered by an astronomer in early 1960 by “Allan Sandage”. This was the greatest discovery for the space researchers which allowed astronomers to understand the character of that object.

“Quasar” is the brightest object in the image of a star because of its brightness.  A “Quasar” can be as massive as our Solar system, Milky Way or Galaxy, or even bigger. It is formed when two galaxies collide with each other or when the center of the galaxy has enough material and mass around to form a disc-shape which slowly and gradually forms the layer of growth to generate high power and energy.

This unique and unusual star caught their attention and was found interesting when “Martin Schmidt” was studying 3c 273 (brightest object) in 1933, Back then a radioactive signal was emitted from that star.

For the first time, this signal was puzzling, but later in subsequent years, many quasars were found, some were much closer than 3c 273. It is not a star but a supermassive black hole that is surrounded by massive gasses, emitting the brightest light with a jet stream of energy.

“Martin Schmidt” also stated if Quasar hits the earth, we would be burnt to death with its powerful weapon called ‘’Gamma-ray burst’’.

And if close enough it would destroy our solar system and galaxy. The temperature of its core is unimaginable and greater than our sun. He also stated, because of its luminosity it can be viewed from far away.

It is the brightest object ever discovered in known universe till now by the astronomers. The nearest and known quasar is located in the constellation of Virgo which is named as 3c 273.

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