Marathi Actor Ashutosh Bhakre (32) dies of Suicide

A Marathi actor “Ashutosh Bhakre” died on Wednesday, a piece of news went viral all over the film industry and on the internet. The initial rumors that were being circulated turned out to be true.

This incident took place in a village called ‘Nanded’ which is in “Maharashtra”. He was found hanging at his parent’s flat which is located in the Ganesh Nagar area of the city.

He was the husband of Marathi actress “Mayuri Deshmukh”.

Police have already started the investigation, a statement has been given to police from his family that “Ashutosh” had come to Nanded a month ago, and he was quite disturbed and in distress. The official reason for him to commit suicide is yet unknown.

This case has been registered in ‘Shivaji Nagar Police Station’ which is 575 km from Mumbai. ‘Ashutosh Bhakre’ was the husband of Marathi actress who attained fame after her successful role in Marathi serial “Khulta Kali Khulena”.

He was only 32 and chose to end his life, he could have gained more success in the film industry as he was already acting in the Marathi serials. He has also worked in movies like ‘Bhakar’ and ‘Ichar Tharla Pakka’ etc.

This incident has given their family members a big trauma. According to Ashutosh’s father’s statement, nobody is blamed for this incident what happened.

Police Inspector “Anant Narute” said this news came around 1.30 pm and they registered an (ADR) accidental death under standard procedure. Police also stated that there were no notes, evidence, or any kind of prescription of medicine found near the body at home.

However, the demise of this actor remains unknown.

Many actors and colleagues from the same firm and industries paid their condolences. This incident shook most of his nearest colleague who had worked with him. A veteran actor “Sanjay Mone” who also worked with the actress “Mayuri Deshmukh” in the play called “Dear Ajjo”.

Friends and family are still in shock about his death.

Police officials have concluded the case stating, he died due to depression.


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