Creepy Microscopic View of One Drop of Water will give you goose bumps

‘Water’ the essence of all life which existed on Earth Millions and Billions of years ago, 79% of the earth is covered full of water, 68% of our body is made up of water(liquid). First molecular life was formed in water. Our Earth is full of spectacular creatures which all originated from water, first evolution took place in water which is the result of our existence.

The water we drink might contain 10 million bacteria, according to some microbiologists and water researchers, our drinking water consists of more than 80000 bacteria per milliliter. Using laser-based system scientists have recently discovered that there are uncountable bacteria living in taps. In 2013 scientists and Water science researchers and technology, studies have uncovered 4 types of microorganisms which is the most common bacteria usually found in our drinking water. Such as ‘Sphingobium, Xenophilus, Methyl bacterium, and Rhodococcus’.

These bacteria are generally harmless and exist in plant leaves, lakes, rivers, etc. we can see in the video that bacteria’s moving around and have unusual shape and size, though they look awful. These bacteria don’t have eyes to see or some of the bacteria don’t have a leg to move around.

As we all know how the oxygen originated on earth, it took millions of years for that process to complete. The bacteria (algae) which turned carbon dioxide into oxygen is the result we humans can breathe the air called ‘Oxygen’.

So there are many good bacteria which is actually harmless. So in this video, we can see there are many micro bacteria roaming around some are responsible for keeping the water oxidized and some may be harmful or harmless. Well, it all depends on the quality of the water. If it is contaminated water we get to see a lot of bacteria and, if it is distilled and purified water there are chances of having fewer bacteria in it.

In this video, water contains a lot of unusual forms of bacteria’s in different shapes and sizes. There is no doubt if our body might contain the same types of bacteria as we consume the same water. There is a high possibility that the drinking water and the one drop of the water shown in the video contain same bacteria that might kill us.

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