A miracle stone called Shungite

Shungite is a type of rock that is believed to have many healing properties. It is black in color and consists of more than 98 percent carbon weight.

It is an ancient rock formation, which was formed 2 billion years ago. It was first discovered in a place called ‘Shuna Village’, which is in Karelia Russia. This particular rock contains a large number of spheroidal molecules consisting of a hollow cage of sixty or more atoms.

Credit: Flickr
Author: https://www.flickr.com/photos/uclmaps/

This stone contains such active molecules which are also used in cosmetic sectors, such as in anti-aging damaging agents, anti-viral agent and there are many uses, etc. This particular rock is so much popular and renowned because it contains Fullerenes molecule. Mostly this rock is used for purifying water as it reduces and transforms all manmade harmful emissions into waveforms like Electromagnetic emission from Electrical grids, EMF machines, high-end computers, cell phones, Wi-Fi and other appliances. 

It helps in purifying water. Shungite is believed to have the power to neutralize and absorb all the harmful emissions and transmissions of dangerous frequencies. The only reason that rock is capable of doing such things is because of the Fullerenes molecule inside. This unique molecule gives the rock the strength to do such a thing as a study revealed.

Fullerenes are produced mainly by the process of a discharge carbon electrodes arc in an inert atmosphere. They are mostly active molecule which can be used as an antioxidant because it can easily react with radicals as they can understand the behavior of electrons.

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The use of this rock needs to be advised by specialists, for example- If an individual is suffering from hypertension and chooses to use shungite, for him the effects of rock can be harmful.

Shungite rock purifies the water in a very effective way. The purification process is so good that it can be consumed without any purification process like boiling water, adding chemicals, or any filtration process. It also acts as an active agent in removing and neutralizing chemicals such as phenol, iron, manganese, chlorine, nitrates, and microorganisms, etc.

The most interesting fact which caught scientist’s attention was the ability to absorb EMF radiation and high frequencies emitting from electrical grids. And other features that people were shocked after knowing the fact that the miracle rock can be charged again like a battery after it is being used. If kept completely under direct sunlight for a day this rock gets charged automatically. It is also capable of getting the charge if it is buried in natural soil for a couple of hours. The life of this rock exists only for two to three years under extreme use.

The rich source of Fullerenes provides positive health benefits such as reducing stress and pain, it also has anti-inflammatory properties. Many individuals believe that it is a powerful healing stone and the dry heat given by this rock acts as a supporting system in relieving the pain of such diseases like chondrosis, arthroses, arthritis.

Shungite is the stone of superpower and alchemy. It purifies and boosts energy in the body.