Untold Mysteries of “The Pyramid of Giza”

Egypt is a place full of mysteries. A lot of events took place near the sight of Pyramids. The Giza Pyramid is one of the seven wonders of the world, it is a very old and ancient monument.

There are three pyramids including Giza which is the tallest amongst the two. This ancient monument is also known as the ‘Khufu’ pyramid. It is the only one that remained intact.

The great pyramid of Giza was one of the tallest man-made structure for more than 3800 years. According to some researchers, the pyramid of Giza is full of mysteries and a lot of knowledge embedded in it. Egyptologists say the great pyramid of Giza was built for Egyptian ‘Khufu Pharaoh’.

There are a lot of mystery that is yet to be revealed, a recent study by archaeologists found that pyramid of Giza was used to produce electricity, which was one of the mystery that was revealed in public. According to some scientist, pyramid can produce electromagnetic energy if concentrated in its internal chambers which is located under the pyramid just above the surface (plateau) on which pyramid was made.

Some of the scientists have also found that inside the great pyramid there are many hollows and many gaps using cosmic-ray imaging. Findings show subatomic particles that penetrate through the rock (kind of x-rays), which might generate some energy. According to archaeologists and some historians, this pyramid of Giza is 36000 years old and was in the hands of extraterrestrial beings. It was used as a power plant/energy generator in order to communicate and send radio signals. Another researcher says it was being used as pharaoh tombs.

A recent discovery shows the pyramid of Giza had chambers made of granite ceiling, with the help of running water which flows into the shaft and is located beneath the surface of the subterranean chambers which was 330ft below the surface. Furthermore, it bypasses through a valve that would shut, thereby causing a vibration that forcefully hit one of the upper chambers of pharaoh tombs (made up of granite and is a free-standing chamber). Granite is a material that is a good conductor of electricity.

Some researchers and archaeologist say in today’s modern world granite is the same material which is used in telephone’s microphone which vibrates and send out the frequency, if this vibration phenomenon is executed on a large scale like a vibration similar to an earthquake in pyramid it could produce electromagnetic energy. 

According to Christopher Dunn’s theory, he says the pyramid of Giza was used to send microwave signals into the outer space to a satellite. It is not completely proven about the pyramid producing the electricity but theories as per the anomalies and the carving scripture which are depicted inside the pyramid would resemble some of the interesting facts.

Researchers have also found, the three pyramids are designed and build so correctly that it is aligned in the same position of the three-star which appeared in Orion’s belt which was seen in 10000 BC. Also, it is been said these pyramids were built in the center of the land mass on Earth.

So, the fact that the pyramid was a multipurpose source of energy may be fictitious, some Scientists, archaeologists, and Egyptologists say there are many uses of the pyramid of Giza and we have explored very few parts of it. More discoveries are yet to be made.

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Pyramid of Giza
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