Mysterious stone turned out to be an ‘Ancient EGG’

We all know and have learned in school that dinosaurs have extinct long back approx. 66 million years ago. All we get to see and witness are the remains of it which are now stored in museums.

While researching scientists and paleontologists discovered a mysterious stone in Antarctica which somehow happens to be an egg of an ancient animal. This egg was discovered by Chilean scientists which were fossilized in a rock formation where other dinosaur species were discovered. This rock was perfectly preserved.

 Further study and research state the egg is aged around 66 million years old. This fossil egg appears like a deflated rugby ball. This mysterious fossil egg is now stored in Chilean National Museum.

Credit: New China TV

The researchers used microscopic analysis and data to obtain correct details of the egg. Observing and using those analyzed data, scientists’ analyzed more than 200 types of reptiles which can lay an egg,

After researching fossil egg, it is said that this egg belonged to a sea reptile which was laid by “Mosasaur”. Through the analysis and data of the egg, they figured out the size of the sea reptile estimated to be 7 meters long.

This egg measures 29cm by 20 cm (8 inches by 11 inches) and it is said to be the second-largest egg in the world. It has soft-shelled covering and it is the only egg discovered from Antarctica. This discovery of a fossilized ‘Egg’ changed scientist’s minds as they thought the long-necked (plesiosaurs) reptile cannot lay eggs.

Scientists finally solved the mystery behind the stone. It will be exciting to see if DNA extracted from it could lead us to new research and findings.

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Mysterious Stone
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