Ocean bleeds blue with bioluminescence algae

Has anyone ever wondered that we could get to contact an alien parasite? A beach full of neon blue colored algae family parasite were all over the coast. These are called bioluminescent algae.

These bioluminescent waves are caused by a natural phenomenon that causes the waves to glow neon blue. We can witness these events in some of the southern California beaches, Santa Barbara, Malibu, Venice beach all the way down to Mexico.

The only reason why these algae glow and produced light lies in the reaction with oxygen with the complex molecule luciferin, which gives out extra energy in the form of light.

These creatures emit light due to the environmental conditions which allow the growth of the plankton and the bloom is due to the nutrient-rich, which comes off from heavy rain.

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When these creatures are disturbed in the form of waves they emit light. These bioluminescent algae have no period or any season to occur, even scientists and researchers are unaware of these and how long will it last. Previously, in the late 1900 spectator watched the bioluminescent algae all over the shoreline and had lasted for weeks and months.  

The best time to watch and visit these creatures alive is at dark after the sunset, this unique creature makes it more beautiful and the whole shoreline area glows like blue neon.

According to some researchers they say this bioluminescence may be harmful to humans or may have some unpleasant effects.

Scientists also believe bioluminescence emitting blue light is for the defense to scare the predators away. According to National Geographic some ‘dinoflagellates’ a single cell planktonic creature may produce toxins that might be harmful to sea life and other creatures. There is no harm in swimming into it.

We can contain these bioluminescent algae in a container, making sure that they can get enough sunlight. So that they can grow, the light should be fairly bright and not too hot.