World’s oldest known creature “Clam” dies during research

Clam is a type of shellfish. These clams can be found in saltwater and freshwater. There are many varieties of shellfish found at the seabed.

Clams are found all over the world living in a variety of habitat including artic, Antarctic water, coastal muds, and deep-sea/ocean.

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Back in research on the clam, a team of scientists and researchers discovered the oldest known Clam called ‘Ming the Mollusk’. This clam was aged around 507 years old, 102 years older than the previous estimate known age of a clam. As the scientist and researchers were stunned by the record-breaking age of the clam. This unlucky (Ming) clam was pulled up from an Icelandic seabed 262 feet deep back in 2006.

Based on research it is said that an average estimated life span of a clam is around 100 years. A preliminary analysis of the longest living clam was around 405 to 410 years. This (Ming) clam is now just become a showpiece in the museum as it is not alive. While researching scientists accidentally got it killed while opening its shell in the process.

This so-called (Ming) clam has set a world record of being the oldest living animal in the world. Previously, Guinness record holder for the oldest clam was an ocean ‘Quahog’ clam which was pulled from American water in 1982, it was estimated 374 years old collected in 1986. Now it is displayed in German Museum, as per the national geographic reports.

This new ‘Ming’ Clam has broken all the records of being the oldest living animal which got accidentally killed by scientists.