Cute Paper Bunny – DIY Origami Craft Idea

Paper Bunny – Are kids Feeling bored? Or are you looking forward to a fun activity that will not only get rid of boredom but also keep the kids engaged? Well if that’s the case what’s better than craftwork.

Origami style crafts are not only easy but it’s also fun and interesting.

In today’s tutorial, you will learn how to make a paper bunny using simple materials. You don’t need any special material to do this.

Let’s take a quick look at the list of items we will be covering today.

Why Paper Bunny?

Making Paper Bunny is extremely easy and does not need any special skill set or setup. This paper bunny makes an excellent fit for indoor craft projects and can easily keep the kids engaged and interested.

Kids really happen to get excited mostly when they create an animal out of paper.

While a paper bunny is suitable for all the season it gets the most attention during easter. Many also call it an easter bunny.

Therefore easter or not this origami craft idea will definitely keep the kids engaged and enhance their creativity skills.

Let’s get started with this easy paper craft.

Materials Required for Paper bunny

Materials required to make paper bunny
  • Origami Paper – 1 Black paper, 1 Light Pink & 1 Dark Pink paper.
  • Ruler for measuring
  • Black Sketch Pen
  • A Pencil
  • Pink Cotton Ball
  • Glue
  • Scissor

Once you have the above materials ready, you simply need to follow the below steps.

Instructions to make Paper Bunny

To make a cute looking paper bunny need to start with the first step and that is to draw the shapes using pencil.

Here’s how to do it.

Step 1: Draw the face, ears & cheeks as shown below.

Step 2: Stick the ears and cheeks to the face as shown in the below picture and draw the eyes followed by the nose.

Step 3: Now take the black paper and fold it as shown below (To create moustache).

Step 4: After rolling the black paper as shown above it will look just as shown below.

Step 5: Now stick the moustache one by one.

It should look something like this…

Step 6: Now stick the nose i.e. the pink cotton ball.

You Origami Paper Bunny is ready.

Just in case if you are unable to follow the above instructions, we have prepared a full end to end video.

You can go through the video once to get a fair idea on how to make this bunny. 

Paper Bunny Video Walkthrough

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